Passage 5: NDA II 2011 GAT Question Paper


One-day my brother brought home a new song-bird. It was the smallest of them all, a tiny creature of a blue and a red that sparkled when brushed by this sun. But there was a problem : while the other sang, this new  bird remained silent. My brother tried coaxing music out of him, in vain. He tried attacking with a stick, but the bird was unmoved. My brother first tried withholding food, but later when the incentive was offered the bird ignored it, an twice the knocked over his dish, scattering the seed.


1. One day the writer’s brother brought home a bird

(a) which never ate food

(b) which flew so high it seemed to touch the sun

(c) whose colours shone brightly in the sunlight

(d) which was the largest of all the birds in his collection

Answer: (c)

2. At first his brother tried to get the bird to sing by

(a) tempting with food

(b) placing it in the company of the other birds while they sang

(c) singing to the bird himself

(d) withholding food

Answer: (b)

3. What does the word “coaxing” mean ?

(a) to behave rudely

(b) to use violent means

(c) to gently persuade.

(d) to beg repeatedly

Answer: (c)