Passage 4: NDA II 2011 GAT Question Paper


Elephants spray water over their ears to stay cool. The rhythm of an elephant’s day is set largely by its watering routine. An adult needs about thirty gallons of water a day. When water is abundant there is no problem. But during droughts, elephants resort to an intriguing technique : digging wells. In a dried-up river bed they scoop out holes with their forefeet until they reach water. After waiting patiently for the sand to settle, they drink in order of seniority, calves last.


1. According to the passage, water is

(a) quite important for the elephant

(b) vital for the elephant’s survival

(c) occasionally useful for the elephant

(d) often a problem for the elephant

Answer: (b)

2. According to the passage, elephants spray water over themselves

(a) to have fun

(b) to ward off the heat

(c) to cool their heels

(d) to quench their thirst

Answer: (b)

3. During droughts, elephants

(a) burrow in the sand to avoid heat

(b) find water in rivers

(c) dig holes in the river bed to reach the water

(d) find new water holes

Answer: (c)

4. When the elephants in water

(a) the baby elephants drink first

(b) the oldest adult drinks first

(c) the larges elephant drinks first

(d) the youngest adult drinks first

Answer: (b)