Passage 3: NDA I 2011 GAT Question Paper


Not all nocturnal animals have good eyesight. Many of them concentrate on the other senses for finding their way about and for finding food. The sense of touch is very well developed in many nocturnal animals, whether they have good eyes or not. The large hairs or whiskers on the faces of cats and mice are sense organs and the animals react rapidly if these whiskers are touched. The sense of smell is also very important for nocturnal animals such as hedgehogs and field mice. The moist night air holds scent much better than dry air does.


1. Which one of the following statements is correct ?

(a) All nocturnal animals are blind

(b) Many nocturnal animals do not have good eyesight

(c) Most nocturnal animals can not see any thing in the dark

(d) No nocturnal animal has good eyesight

Answer: (b)

2. The cat’s are organs associated with the sense of

(a) taste

(b) touch

(c) hearing

(d) smell

Answer: (b)