Passage 2: NDA I 2011 GAT Question Paper


The dog fence in Australia has been erected to keep out hostile invaders, in this case hordes o f yellow dogs called dingoes. The empire it preserves is that of wool growers. Yet the fence casts a much broader ecological shadow For the early explorers, a kangaroo or a wallaby slighting marked a noteworthy event. Now try not to see one. Without a native predator there is no check on the marsupial population. The kangaroos are now cursed more than the dingoes. They have become rivals of sheep, competing for water and grass. The State Governments now cull more than three million kangaroos a year to keep Australia’s natural symbol from over running the pastoral lands.


1. The Fence is mean to keep the :

(a) kangaroo in and the dingo out.

(b) kangaroo in and the sheep out.

(c) sheep in and the kangaroo out.

(d) sheep in and the dingo out.

Answer: (d)

2. Australia’s national symbol is :

(a) Kangaroo

(b) Wallaby

(c) Sheep

(d) Dingo

Answer: (a)

3. What has led to the unchecked growth of the marsupial population ?

(a) The building of fences

(b) The absence of native predator

(c) The culling of kangaroos

(d) The availability of water and grass

Answer: (b)

4. The marsupial population is up in Australia because :

(a) both wallaby and kangaroo count as marsupials.

(b) the kangaroo consumes the water and grass of the sheep.

(c) the dingo cannot get at the kangaroo.

(d) the kangaroos are fenced out.

Answer: (c)