Passage 1: NDA I 2011 GAT Question Paper


Gandhi was not born great. He was a blundering boy, a mediocre student, a poor lawyer, an ordinary individual until he remade himself. He was a self-remade man. He had faith in himself. But above all, he had a deep, touching faith in the peasants, miners, labourers, and young unformed men and women whom he drew into his work. He fed them al an elixir of growth which often transformed nameless, uneducated people into leonine heroes. The elixir was fearlessness.


1. Consider the following assumptions :

1. Gandhi was a great man throughout his life.

2. Men are not born great, but they are made great by self effort.

3. Gandhi liked the ordinary people and neglected the rich.

4. Gandhi transformed the ordinary masses into great heroes.

Which of the above assumptions can be drawn from the above passage?

(a) 2 and 4 

(b) 1 and 2 

(c) 3 and 4 

(d) None of the above 

Answer: (a)

2. Gandhi transformed the uneducated people by teaching them

(a) work-mindedness

(b) self confidence

(c) fearlessness

(d) heroism

Answer: (c)

3. Gandhi’s attitude to the labour class was one of

(a) generosity

(b) pity

(c) compassion

(d) fearlessness

Answer: (3)

4. The world ‘leonine’ in the passage means

(a) lean

(b) courageous

(c) timid

(d) learning

Answer: (b)