1. Near a pedestrian crossing, when the pedestrains are waiting to cross the road, you should

(A) Sound horn and proceed

(B) Slow down, sound horn and pass

(C) Stop the vehicle and wait till the pedestrians cross, the road and then proceed

Answer: (C)

2. The following sign represents.

(A) Stop

(B) No parking

(C) Hospital ahead

Answer: (A)

3. You are approaching a narrow bridge, another vehichle is about to enter the bridge from

(A) Increase the speed any try to cross the bridge as fast as possible

(B) Put on the head light and pass the bridge

(C) Wait till the other vehicle crosses the bridge and then proceed

Answer: (C)

4. The following sign represents..

(A) Keep left

(B) There is no road to the left

(C) Compulsory turn left

Answer: (C)

5.When a vehicle is involved in an accident causing injury to any person

(A) Take the vehicle to the nearest police station and report the accident

(B) Stop the vehicle and report to the police station

(C) Take all reasonable steps to secure medical attention to the injured and report to the nearestpolice station

Answer: (C)

6. The following sign represents….

(A) Give way

(B) Hospital ahead

(C) Traffic island ahead

Answer: (B)

7. On a road designated as one way

(A) Parking is prohibited

(B) Overtaking is prohibited

(C) Should not drive in reverse gear

Answer: (C)

8. THe following sign represents….

(A) No entry

(B) One way

(C) Speed limit ends

Answer: (B)

9. You ccan overtake a vehicle in front

(A) Through the right side of that vehicle

(B) Through the left side

(C) Through the left side, if the road is wide

Answer: (A)

10. The following sign represents…

(A) Right turn prohibited

(B) Sharp curve to the right

(C) U-turn prohibited

Answer: (C)

11. When a vehicle approaches an ungauarded railway level crossing, before crossing it, the drive shall

(A) Stop the vehicle on the left side of the road, get down from the vehicle, go to the railway track, and ensure that no  train

(B) Sound horn and cross the track as fast as possible

(C) Wait till the train passes

Answer: (A)

12. The following sign represents..

(A) Pedestrian crossing

(B) Don’t Run

(C) Pedestrians prohibited

Answer: (A)

13. How can you distinguish a transport vehicle.

(A) By looking at the tyre size.

(B) By colour of the vehicle.

(C) By looking at the number plate of the vehicle.

Answer: (C)

14. The following sign represents…

(A) Keep right side

(B) Parking on the right allowed

(C) Compulsory turn to right

Answer: (B)

15. Validity of learners licence

(A) Till the driving licence is obtained

(B) 6 months

(C) 30 days

Answer: (B)

16. The following sign represents…

(A) U-turn prohibited

(B) Right turn prohibited

(C) Overtaking through left prohibited

Answer: (B)

17. In a road without footpath, the pedestrians

(A) Should walk on the left side of the road

(B) Should walk on the right side of the road

(C) May walk on either side of the road

Answer: (B)

18. The following sign represents..

(A) Horn prohibited

(B) Compulsory sound horn

(C) May sound horn

Answer: (A)

19. Free passage should be given to the following types of vehicles

(A) Police vehicles.

(B) Ambulance and fire service vehicles

(C) Express, Super Express

Answer: (B)

20. The following sign represents..

(A) Roads on both sides in front

(B) Narrow bridge ahead

(C) Narrow road ahead

Answer: (B)

21. Vehicles proceeding from opposite direction should be allowed to passs through…..

(A) Your right side

(B) Your left side

(C) The convenient side

Answer: (A)

22. The following sign represents..

(A) First aid post

(B) Resting place

(C) Hospital

Answer: (C)

23. Driver of a vehicle may overtake….

(A) While driving down hill

(B) If the road is sufficiently wide

(C) When the driver of the vehicle in front shows the signal to overtake

Answer: (C)

24. The following sign represents..

(A) First aid post

(B) Resting place

(C) Hospital

Answer: (A)

25. Driver of a motor vehicle shall drive through

(A) The right side of the road

(B) The left side of the road

(C) The Center of the road

Answer: (B)

26. The following sign represents..

(A) Hospital

(B) Resting place

(C) First aid post

Answer: (B)

27. WHen a Vehicle is parked on the road side during night

(A) The vehicle should be locked

(B) The person having licence to drive such a vehicle should be in the drivers seat

(C) The park light shall remain lit

Answer: (C)

28. The following sign represents..

(A) Road closed

(B) No parking

(C) End of restriction

Answer: (C)

29. Fog lamps are used

(A) During night.

(B) When there is mist.

(C) When the opposite vehicle is not using dim light

Answer: (B)

30. The following sign represents..

(A) Narrow road ahead

(B) Narrow bridge ahead

(C) Roads on both sides ahead

Answer: (A)

31. Zebra lines are menat for…

(A) Stopping vehicle.

(B) Pedestrians crossing

(C) For giving preference to vehicle

Answer: (B)

32. The following sign represents..

(A) Railway station near

(B) Level crossing unguarded

(C) Level crossing Guarded

Answer: (B)

33. When an ambulance is approaching…

(A) Allow passage if there are no vehicles from front side.

(B) No preference need be given.

(C) The driver shall allow free passage by drawing to the side of road

Answer: (C)

34. The following sign represents…

(A) Entry through right side prohibited

(B) Entry through left prohibited

(C) Overtaking prohibited

Answer: (C)

35. Red traffic light indicates..

(A) Vehicle can proceed with caution.

(B) Stop the vehicle.

(C) Slow down.

Answer: (B)

36. The following sign represents..

(A) Cross road

(B) No entry

(C) Hospital

Answer: (A)

37. Parking a vehicle in front of entrance to hospital

(A) Proper

(B) Improper

(C) Proper if NO PARKING sign is not provided

Answer: (B)

38. The following sign represents..

(A) Restriction ends

(B) No entry

(C) No overtaking

Answer: (B)

39. Where the slippery road sign is seen on the road, the driver shall

(A) Reduce the speed by changing the gear

(B) Apply brake

(C) Proceed in the same speed

Answer: (A)

40. The following sign represents..

(A) May turn to left

(B) Compulsory go ahead or turn left

(C) Side road left

Answer: (C)

41. Overtaking is prohibited in following circumstances

(A) When it is likely to cause inconvenience or danger to other traffic

(B) When the vehicle in front is reducing speed

(C) During right

Answer: (A)

42. The following sign represents…

(A) Sound horn compulsory

(B) Sound horn continuously

(C) Horn prohibited

Answer: (A)

43. Overtaking when approaching a bend

(A) Is permissible

(B) Not permissible

(C) Is permissible with care

Answer: (B)

44. The following sign represents..

(A) Road to the right in front

(B) Compulsory turn right

(C) Turn to right prohibited

Answer: (B)

45. Drunken driving

(A) Allowed in private vehicles

(B) Allowed druing right time

(C) Prohibited in all vehicles

Answer: (C)

46. The following sign represents..

(A) End of restriction

(B) Do not stop

(C) No parking

Answer: (C)

47. Use of horn prohibited

(A) Mosque, Church and Temple

(B) Near Hospital, Courts of Law

(C) Near Police Station

Answer: (B)

48. This sign represents..

(A) Go straight

(B) One-way

(C) Prohibited in both direction

Answer: (B)

49. Rear view mirror is used

(A) For seeing face

(B) For watching the traffic approaching from behind

(C) For seeing the back seat passenger

Answer: (B)

50. This sign represents..

(A) No entry for all motor vehicles

(B) No entry for cars and motor cycles

(C) Entry allowed for cars and motor vehicles

Answer: (A)

51. Boarding in and alighting from a vehicle while in motion

(A) Permitted in bus

(B) Permitted in autorikshaw

(C) Prohibited

Answer: (C)

52. This sign represents..

(A) Trucks Prohibited

(B) Bus Prohibited

(C) Parking Prohibited

Answer: (A)

53. Parking is permitted

(A) In turnings

(B) On foot paths

(C) Where parking is not prohibited

Answer: (C)

54. When fuel is filled in a vehicle

(A) Shall not check air pressure

(B) Shall not smoke

(C) Shall not use any light of the vehicle

Answer: (B)

55. This sign represents

(A) Students prohibited

(B) Pedestrians permitted

(C) Pedestrians prohibited

Answer: (C)

56. Mobile phones shall not be used

(A) In Government offices

(B) In Police Stations

(C) While driving a vehicle

Answer: (C)

57. This sign represents

(A) Ovetaking prohibited through the right side

(B) Turn left

(C) Left turn Prohibited

Answer: (C)

58. Overtaking is prohibited

(A) When the road ahead is not clearly visible

(B) When the road ahead is wide enough

(C) When the road center is marked with while broken lines

Answer: (A)

59. This sign represents..

(A) Drive the vehicle not exceeding 50 km/hr

(B) Drive the vehicle at 50 km/hr

(C) Drive the vehicle exceeding 50 km/hr.

Answer: (A)

60. The pedestrians shall not cross the road at sharp bends or very near to a stopped vehicle. Why?

(A) Inconvenience to other vehicles.

(B) Inconvenience to other road users.

(C) Drivers of other vehicles coming at a distance may not see persons crossing the road.

Answer: (C)

61. This sign represents

(A) Speed limit 2km/hr

(B) No entry for vehicles having more than 2 meters width.

(C) No entry for vehicles having more than 2 meters height.

Answer: (B)

62. Records of a private vehicle are

(A) Registration Certificate, G.C.R., Insurance Certificate

(B) Registration certificate., Insurance Ceertificate, Tax Token, Driving Licence

(C) Registration Certificate, Permit, Trip Sheet

Answer: (B)

63. This sign represents

(A) Entry only for vehicles with height above 3.5 meters.

(B) Entry only for vehicles with width above 3.5 meters.

(C) Entry for vehicles having height not exceeding 3.5 meters.

Answer: (C)

64. While turning to a road to the left of the road in which you are going, you should

(A) Show the left turn signal, drive to the center and turn to the left

(B) Sound horn and tum to the left

(C) Show the left tum signal,, keep to the left side of the road and turn to the left.

Answer: (C)

65. This sign represents

(A) Stop

(B) No Stopping or standing

(C) Junction

Answer: (B)

66. Validity of P.U.C.C. Pollution Under Control Certificate

(A) 6 months

(B) One Year

(C) Two years

Answer: (A)

67. This sing represents

(A) No entry

(B) Ahead only

(C) Entry in both direction

Answer: (B)

68. While you are driving with the head l ight in high beam during night, a vehicle, approaches from

(A) Proceed keeping to the left

(B) Put the head light in dim and bright alternatively several times

(C) Dim the head light till the vehicle passes

Answer: (C)

69. This sign represents..

(A) Compulsory ahead or turn right

(B) Compulsory ahead or turn left

(C) Side road ahead

Answer: (B)

70. The Driver of a vehicle extends his right arm with the palm downward and moves the arm upward and

(A) He is turning to the left

(B) He is slowing down the vehicle

(C) Allowing to overtake

Answer: (B)

71. This sign represents…

(A) Stop on the left side

(B) Compulsory keep left

(C) Turn left

Answer: (B)

72. Minimum age for getting a licence to drive motor cycle without gear

(A) 18 years

(B) 21 years

(C) 16 years

Answer: (C)

73. This sign represents

(A) Right ascend

(B) Right hand curve

(C) Keep right

Answer: (B)

74. When you see the traffic sign of School, you should

(A) Stop the vehicle, sound horn and proceed.

(B) Slow down and proceed with caution

(C) Sound horn continuously and proceed

Answer: (B)

75. This sign represents..

(A) Left hand curve

(B) Left ascend

(C) Keep left

Answer: (A)

76. While turning to the left, the driver of a two wheeler shall

(A) Extend his left hand towards left

(B) Not slow hand signal

(C) Show left turn signal with his right hand

Answer: (C)

77.This sign represents..

(A) Right hair pin bend

(B) Right ascend and descend

(C) Right descend

Answer: (A)

78. To Signal while taking U-turn

(A) Left turn signal

(B) Right turn signal

(C) Slow down signal

Answer: (B)

79. This sign represents..

(A) Left descend

(B) Left hair pin bend

(C) Keep left

Answer: (B)

80. This sign represents

(A) Right reverse bend

(B) Left reverse bend

(C) Turn right and go ahead

Answer: (A)

81. One time tax for a new car is for

(A) Till the registration of the vehicle is canccelled

(B) 15 years

(C) 5 years

Answer: (A)

82. This sign represents

(A) Right reverse bend

(B) Left reverse bend

(C) Turn left and go ahead

Answer: (B)

83. Before overtaking a vehicle, it should be ensured that ….

(A) No vehicle is approaching from behind

(B) The road ahead is clearly visible and it is safe to overtake

(C) The vehicle in front is turning left.

Answer: (B)

84. This sign represents

(A) Side road left

(B) Speed limit

(C) Axle weight limit

Answer: (C)

85. This sign represents

(A) Turn right

(B) Side road right

(C) Keep right

Answer: (B)

86. When your vehicle is being overtaken, you should

(A) Stope your vehicle and let the vehicle to overtake

(B) Increase the speed of your vehicle

(C) Not obstruct the other vehicle from over taking

Answer: (C)

87. This sign represents

(A) T’ intersection

(B) Cross road ahead

(C) Narrow road ahead

Answer: (A)

88. A place where parking is prohibited

(A) In front of a parked vehicle

(B) On one-way road

(C) On foot-path

Answer: (C)

89. This sign represents

(A) Turn right

(B) Turn left

(C) Round about

Answer: (C)

90. The hand brake is to be used

(A) To reduce the speed

(B) To apply sudden brake

(C) To park a vehicle

Answer: (C)

91. This sign represents

(A) Narrow road ahead

(B) Dangerous dip

(C) Ferry

Answer: (B)

92. More than two persons on a two wheeler is

(A) Allowed in unavoidable circumstances

(B) Violation of law

(C) Allowed when the traffic is less

Answer: (B)

93. This sign represents

(A) Guarded level cross

(B) Unguarded level cross

(C) Barrier ahead

Answer: (A)

94. You want to overtake a vehicle near a hospital. You will

(A) Blow the horn continuously.

(B) Not blow horn.

(C) Blow the horn only intermittently.

Answer: (B)

95. This sing represents

(A) Y-inter section left

(B) Y-inter section right

(C) Side road right

Answer: (A)

96. Using unregistered vehicle in public place is

(A) Illegal

(B) Legal

(C) Legal if there is urgency

Answer: (A)

97. This sign represents

(A) Y-inter section left

(B) Y-inter section right

(C) Side road right

Answer: (B)

98. Minimum age for obtaining driving licence for transport vehicles.

(A) 25 years

(B) 18 years

(C) 20 years

Answer: (C)

99. This sign represents

(A) Turn left

(B) Turn right

(C) Y-inter section

Answer: (C)

100. Overtaking is prohibited in the following case

(A) State highways

(B) Panchayath roads.

(C) Narrow bridge.

Answer: (C)

101. The following sign represents…

(A) Road to the right in front

(B) Three are roads ahead and to the right

(C) Compulsory go ahead or turn to right

Answer: (C)

102. If a person in charge of an animal apprehending that the animal may become

(A) The driver shall stop the vehicle.

(B) The driver shall proceed, blowing the horns.

(C) The driver shall reduce the speed.

Answer: (A)

103. This sing represents

(A) Slippery road

(B) Gravel road

(C) No entry for motor car

Answer: (A)

104. Parking prohibited In the following case.

(A) Road side.

(B) Where parking is permitted.

(C) Near traffic light.

Answer: (C)

105. This sing represents

(A) Loose gravel

(B) Slipper road

(C) No entry for motor car

Answer: (A)

106. Over speeding…..

(A) Is an offence leading to suspension or cancellation of driving licence

(B) Is an offence leading to punishment by fine only

(C) Is not an offence

Answer: (A)

107. This sign represents

(A) Cycle crossing

(B) Cycle crossing prohibited

(C) No entry for cycles

Answer: (A)

108. When school buses are stopped for picking up or setting down students

(A) Blow horn and proceed

(B) Proceed slowly and cautiously since there is chance of students suddenly crossing the road

(C) No special care is required

Answer: (B)

109. This sign represents

(A) Cattle prohibited

(B) Possibility of cattle on road

(C) Vehicles carrying cattle prohibited

Answer: (B)

110. When a blind person crosses the road holding White Cane

(A) The driver of a vehicle shall consider the white cane as a traffic sign to stop the vehicle

(B) Blow the horn and proceed

(C) Slow down and proceed with caution

Answer: (A)

111. This sign represents

(A) School ahead

(B) Pedestrians crossing

(C) Pedestrians crossing prohibited

Answer: (A)

112. When a motor vehicle is involved in an accident

(A) Shall report to the nearest police station within 24 hours

(B) Shall report to the nearest police station within 12 hours

(C) Shall report to the nearest police station within 48 hours

Answer: (A)

113. This sign represents

(A) Men at work

(B) Children playing

(C) Pedestrian crossing

Answer: (A)

114. When any property of a third party is damaged due to an accident

(A) Driver shall report to the nearest police station within 24 hours

(B) Driver shall report to the nearest police station within 7 days

(C) Need not report to any police station

Answer: (A)

115. This sign represents

(A) Rough road

(B) Slippery road

(C) Falling rocks

Answer: (C)

116. When the vehicle behind has begun to overtake our vehicle

(A) We shall not overtake another vehicle.

(B) we can over take another vehicle.

(C) we can overtake another vehicle blowing horn

Answer: (A)

117. This sign represents

(A) Bridge ahead

(B) Ferry

Answer: (B)

(C) Refreshment stall ahead

118. This sign represents

(A) Steep ascend

(B) Steep descend

(C) Slippery road

Answer: (A)

119. When our vehicle is being over taken

(A) We shall not increase speed

(B) We can increase speed

(C) We can increase speed with due care

Answer: (A)

120. This sign represents

(A) Steep ascend

(B) Steep descend

(C) Slippery road

Answer: (B)

121. Parking is prohibited in the following place

(A) Entrance of hospital

(B) Left side of the road

(C) Market area

Answer: (A)

122. This sign represents

(A) Narrow road ahead

(B) Y-intersection

(C) Road widens ahead

Answer: (C)

123. Parking is prohibited in the following place

(A) Blocking a fire hydrant

(B) Near a public well

(C) left side of the road

Answer: (A)

124. This sign represents

(A) Drainage in middle

(B) Bridge ahead

(C) Gap in median

Answer: (C)

125. To carry pillion rider on a motor cycle

(A) The vehicle shall be provided with foot rest, hand grip and sari guard

(B) The vehicle shall be provided with foot rest, hand grip and sari guard

(C) Vehicle shall be provided with rear view mirror

Answer: (A)

126. This sign represents

(A) Hump or rough road

(B) Zigzag road

(C) Ghat road

Answer: (A)

127. Smoking while driving public service vehicle

(A) Can attract suspension of driving licence

(B) Can attract fine only

(C) None of the above

Answer: (A)

128. This sign represents

(A) Barrier ahead

(B) Railway cross ahead

(C) Weighbridge ahead

Answer: (A)

129. Abandoning vehicle in a public place causing in convineance to others or passengers.

(A) The driving licence is liable to be suspended or cancelled

(B) only fine is attracted

(C) Registration of vehicle can be cancelled

Answer: (A)

130. This sign represents

(A) No thorough side road

(B) Left turn

(C) Bridge ahead

Answer: (A)

131. This sign represents

(A) Ferry ahead

(B) Main road ahead

(C) No thorough road

Answer: (C)

132. Carrying overload in goods carriages

(A) Legally not punishable

(B) Only fine is attracted

(C) Can attract suspension or cancellation of driving licence

Answer: (C)

133. This sign represents

(A) Parking prohibited

(B) Parking both sides

(C) Police aid post

Answer: (B)

134. The driver of a taxi refusing the offer for journey for the reason that the distance is short.

(A) Can attract suspension/cancellation of driving licence

(B) only fine is attracted

(C) Registration of vehicle can be cancelled

Answer: (A)

135. This sign represents

(A) Parking lot – scooters and motor cycles

(B) Scooters and motor cycles prohibited

(C) Scooters and motor cycles repairing

Answer: (A)

136. When you reach an intersection where there is no signal light or police man, you will

(A) Give way to traffic approaching the intersection from other roads

(B) Give proper signal, sound the horn and proceed

(C) Give way to the traffic approaching the intersection on your right side and proceed after giving necessary signals.

Answer: (C)

137. This sign represents

(A) No entry for private cars

(B) Parking lot – Taxis

(C) Parking for police vehicles

Answer: (B)

138. While you are approaching an intersection where the yellow signal light is blinking, you should

(A) As there is no restriction, proceed at the same speed

(B) Stop the vehicle and wait for the green light to appear

(C) Slow down the vehicle and proceed only after ensuring that it is safe to do so

Answer: (C)

139. This sign represents

(A) Petrol pump

(B) Parking lot – Autorikshaws

(C) Autorikshaw parking prohibited

Answer: (B)

140. Where the road is marked with continuous yellow line the vehicle should

(A) Not touch or cross the yellow line

(B) Allow to overtake only through the right side of yellow line

(C) Cross the line only when overtaking a vehicle in front

Answer: (A)